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A little bit about the Peace, Love, & Understanding podcast, from host Steve Dehner.

Transcript: Peace, Love, & Understanding Podcast Trailer
June 3, 2022

Host Steve Dehner:
I am a believer, wandering in the wilderness, rethinking and re-examining some long-held beliefs. Wandering, but not lost. In the meantime, I want to be with other not-lost wanderers. I'm a Christian who believes that the words and the work of Jesus are just as relevant to the 21st century as they were to the first century. I believe he speaks to us and to all our concerns, life and death and everything in between: ideas, art, beauty, nature, work, play, books, movies, music, history, governance -- everything -- and most importantly, our connection to him and to one another.

But I think his people are in a shambles. The edifice of institutional Christianity is crumbling, not in its foundation, but from the top, where leaders and shepherds have turned so much of the beautiful thing Jesus created and intends for us into a political action committee, and a religious empire, and a business franchise. I’ve been thinking hard about how people who love and follow Jesus can perhaps help clean up this mess, see and think more clearly, listen more, and return to the beauty and simplicity of the life and the work -- and the mission -- that Jesus calls us to.

If that piques your interest, why don’t you listen in? I am talking with people who are speaking the truth in love, or least the glimpses of truth that they have found and we can benefit from. I want to dialog rather than debate, in hopes of finding a better way forward for our faith in this century.

Regardless of your journey or your beliefs, you're invited to join us. I think it'll be interesting. And I think it'll be fun. Come check us out.

Peace, Love, & Understanding Trailer
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