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We're between Seasons

My hiatus is longer than planned, but I will return.


Announcing the show is on hiatus for the month of October, 2022.

Is BLM a Marxist Movement?

White opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement are trying to discredit the movement by calling attention to BLM's -- the organization’s -- Marxist connections, but...

Sunday Morning at the Movies | Part 3

What did the earliest Christians do when they met together? It would take too long to list all the things your church does that they did not. But it only takes a few m...

Sunday Morning at the Movies | Part 2

Did the apostles and the first disciples ever use anything but their own houses or open-air spaces to meet? 99.9% never. Ever wonder why?

Sunday Morning at the Movies | Part 1

If our Sunday morning services were a movie, could we say with a straight face it was adapted from the bestselling Book?

Jesus is Not Your Mascot

I'm so tired of shallow and trite uses of Jesus to further current ideologies and agendas, and seeing how he's distorted both by people who profess faith in him and by...

Crazy Love

Reflecting on how to confront evil ideas, and whether and when to cut ties with a friend - or a favorite public figure - who has lost their way.

I Smell Nazi in the Rain

How a brief conversation demonstrated so much of what is wrong in our blighted society right now.

Wandering Like Gandalf: Intro to the Podcast

In my premiere episode, I describe my hopes for the show, its purposes and goals, my philosophy of public discourse, where the show's name comes from, and give a brief...

Peace, Love, & Understanding Trailer

A little bit about the Peace, Love, & Understanding podcast, from host Steve Dehner.

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