We're between Seasons

My hiatus is longer than planned, but I will return.

Steve Dehner:
Hi, I'm Steve Dehner, host of 'Peace, Love and Understanding,' an audio eclectic and multipod podcast. In my last message I told you that I would be taking a brief break that would last the month of October, and then I'd be back in November. Not only did you think I'd be back in November, but I thought I'd be back to November. But life does have a way of handing you big, unexpected platters of not-what-you-ordered. And that's what happened this fall. So, I have subsequently decided that the podcast episodes that preceded this hiatus are Season One. and this hiatus is the break that you take between seasons. And when I come back, that will be Season Two. When will I be back? I think it would be foolish for me to try and predict that now. But I hope that it will be very soon. Thank you for hanging in there with me. Also, please subscribe so that you will know as soon as I have a new episode up - or down, or sideways - and I'll see you then. Until then make peace, share love, and seek understanding.

Outro with Music: Peace, Love, and Understanding.

We're between Seasons
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